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10-LED Hollywood Mirror Dimmable Light Light Kit Kit Canity USB Makeup Зеркальный Свет

Номер товара: 028602021A | MOQ: 1 | Доставка в 7 - 10 дней |
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Цена: $6.39
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Описание товара

10-LED Hollywood Mirror Dimmable Light Light Kit Kit Canity USB Makeup Зеркальный Свет
  • Dimmable Bright Light: touch dimmer switch to adjust the brightness that fits you at any time

  • Soft and not dazzling, so your eyes won't be hurt by the light and it is no problem to makeup for a long time 

  • Instant installing: No need to drill holes, directly stick it on the mirror, mirror frame or wall in a few minutes with strong tape stickers Brightness adjustable, 6500K natural daylight you simply press button to increase or lower down the brightness based on your needs

  • Make sure every detail of your hair and makeup are in place Works best for putting eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows, contact lens, grooming, or even dressing shave etc, to create the perfect makeup and look

  • Safety enough: We use the USB powered, you can connect the DC 5V/2A-3A power adapter or power bank 


  • Power: DC 5V 

  • Color Temperature: 6500K 

  • Cable Length: 11.5FT/3.5m

  • Wattage: 7W 

  • Colour: White 

  • Type: Make up light 

  • Bulbs: 10 LED Bulbs 

Упаковка включена:

  • 1 Х Полоса Света 1 Х Диммер 1 Х Наклейки Устанавливают 1 Х Ящик Для Хранения


Розничная Упаковка Белая бумажная коробка
Руководство Пользователя (язык) Нет Руководства Пользователя
Вес брутто 0.264kg
Объемный вес 0.495kg
Длина 23.000cm
Ширина 16.000cm
Высота 6.000cm
Вес одной упаковки 0.236kg
Мелкая расфасовка Yes
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